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Start-Up Nation Policy Institute (SNPI) is a non-profit independent think tank, specializing in innovation policy and the Israeli innovation model.

We are the go-to destination for insights and in-depth analyses on the Israeli high-tech sector and innovation ecosystem.

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Vered Farkash


Based in Tel Aviv,

SNPI is Led by Israel's Top Experts in Innovation Policy, Legislation and Ecosystem Building.

Its co-chair and founder is Prof. Eugene Kandel, formerly the Head of the National Economic Council of Israel.
Its CEO is Uri Gabai, an internationally recognized policy expert, formerly Chief Strategy Officer at the Israel Innovation Authority.


Our mission is to strengthen the Israeli innovation ecosystem – and help global policymakers and organizations to craft innovation policies based on the Israeli Model and it’s best practices.


Achieving and maintaining leadership in the global innovation race


Increasing the diversity of populations participating in the innovation economy


Using technological solutions to improve lives and tackle social challenges

Our Expertise: The “Start Up Nation” Innovation Model

As the people who took part in shaping the Israeli innovation model, we now collaborate with the Israeli government and the high-tech sector to maintain its leadership as a global innovation hub.
Additionally, we partner with global organizations and policymakers interested in learning from the Israeli innovation model.

We believe that if a small country like Israel, far from any substantial market, could become a start-up and innovation powerhouse, so can other countries.

However, there’s no “one size fits all” in innovation policy.

That’s where we come in – we help policy makers and organizations devise national or regional innovation ecosystems, considering factors like demographics and geopolitics, constraints and trade-offs.

Research & Analysis

Producing applicable research and analysis about the intersection between technology and public policy – including technological trends, and the economic and societal aspects of technological advancement

Vered Farkash

  • Market Research

  • Access to databases and social network data

  • Economic Evaluations

  • Position Papers

  • Surveys and Analysis

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    Policy & Advocacy

    Generating research-based and data-driven policy recommendations in order to advance effective innovation policies

    Dan Miller, DHM Studio

    • Developing innovation-promoting regulation

    • Policy and legislation recommendations

    • Analysis of existing policy

    • Effective evaluations of government programs

    • Recommendations for establishment of government innovation authorities

    • Developing national strategies for emerging technologies

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      Cooperating with leaders from the government, business, and non-profit organizations and hosting events – in order to shape the public discourse on innovation initiatives and challenges

      Dan Miller, DHM Studio

      • Hosting policy-oriented roundtables

      • Holding conferences and events

      • Heading task forces and committees

      • Leading innovation communities

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        Consulting and Training

        Working with governments and organizations on building effective innovation ecosystems, based on learnings from the Israeli model

        • Review of the Israeli market and opportunities for cooperation

        • Review of the Israeli innovation model and what can be learned from it by other countries

        • Ecosystem presentations, from a government policy perspective

        • Ecosystem development workshops for governments and global organizations

        Find Out How We Can Work Together

          Find Out How We Can Work Together

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