Investments in Israeli startups fall for a seventh straight quarter

“Zambia has drawn a lot of lessons from Israel through a presentation by Start-up Nation Policy Institute”

Israel’s unrest causing a huge impact on the economy

Facing global and local headwinds, Israeli startups see investments slump to 2018 low

Only two of top 10 most active CVCs invested in Israeli startups in 2022

Investments in Israeli startups plummeted 42% in 2022, cybersecurity hit hardest

“I hope that in 2030 we won’t be sitting here discussing ‘How we lost Israeli high-tech'” (HE)

The current state of high-tech: A return to normalcy rather than a crisis (HE)

“המצב בהייטק הוא לא בהכרח משבר, אלא חזרה לנורמליות”

Exploring SNPI’s human capital report: Is the Israeli high-tech boom coming to an end? (HE)

נגמרה החגיגה בהייטק? מאחורי המספרים בדוח ההון האנושי של SNPI

Israeli startup funding hits the lowest mark in five years

ההשקעות בהייטק הישראלי – הנמוכות זה 5 שנים: “הסטארט-אפ ניישן בסכנה”

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