Date: 16.05.23

Authors : Eynav Ehrlich, Ziv Barel & Assaf Patir

Editing: Uri Gabai(SNPI), Assaf Kovo (Israel Innovation Authority)

Date: 02.04.23

Authors : Eran Igelnik, Assaf Patir and Uri Gabai

Editing: Prof. Eugene Kandel

Date: 22.03.23

Authors : Aaron Gefen, Assaf Patir, Ziv Barel & Ido Meiboom

Date: 07.03.23

Authors : Ido Meiboom & Eynav Ehrlich

Editing: Yam Atir & Lital Schwartz

Date: 21.02.23

Authors : Danni Biran Tal Rozen-Zvi & Ido Meiboom

Date: 27.10.22

Authors : Eran Igelnik, Assaf Patir, Sharon Kinory, Angelina Usim

Date: 27.10.22

Authors : Assaf Patir, Eran Igelnik, SNPI

Editor: Uri Gabai, SNPI

Date: 22.9.22

Authors : Maya Shaton, SNPI

Guy Lakan, CPA, Capital Market Authority, Insurance and Savings

Date: 11.7.22

Authors: Eynav Ehrlich, Assaf Patir, Uri Gabai and Nir Dar, SNPI
Assaf Kovo, Israel Innovation Authority 

Date: 7.4.22

Authors: Eran Igelnik and Assaf Patir, SNPI

Editors: Uri Gabai, SNPI, Assaf Kovo and Elior Bliah, Israel Innovation Authority


Date: 8.8.22

Author: Yam Atir, Head of Government Relations & Public Policy 

Date: 15.7.22

Co-Chairman Prof. Eugene Kandel interviewed by i24NEWS

Date: 6.7.22

CEO Uri Gabai interviewed by The Media Line

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