The Slump of the Israeli Tech Persists: Q3 2023

A decline in the number of foreign funds and in the share of new unicorns | Overview 

Declining Investments and Wage Stagnation: H1 2023

Lowest Investments in Israeli Tech since 2018 | Israeli Tech Ecosystem Review

A New Era for Data Flows and Privacy Protection

Israel and the Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) Forum

Underutilized Potential: CVCs in Israel’s Ecosystem

The growing CVCs activity and the missed opportunities for funding and strategic benefits

From growth to stagnation: Human Capital Report 22-23

A 70% increase in layoffs in the second half of 2022; Slowdown’s impact was felt across all sectors

Q1 2023: lowest level of investment in five years

Effects of the worldwide recession and the efforts to reform Israel’s judicial system

Education & Employment in Israeli High-Tech

Differences between colleges and universities are negligible | LinkedIn analysis

Exploring the Alternative Proteins Sector

More women and regional diversity: A thriving field in an ICT-dominated market

Israeli Tech Ecosystem 2022: A Year of Distinct Periods

From a half-year that was a continuation of the peak period in 2021 to a time that reflects the effects of the global slowdown

The number of new start-ups declined by 23%

Israel’s downward trend continues | Update with 2021 data

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